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Spoke with a very nice Saudi man today while sitting in the waiting room of the doctors office. (Yes that is probably illegal under Sharia law. But Matthew my 11 year old son was there to act as my guardian). We had the standard conversation that I have with most other foreigners I meet. 1. People are mostly the same everywhere. They hold doors open for others, say hello when they pass in hallways, smile at children and are usually open to discussing how to better the world. 2. Governments make things complicated, especially when they draw “lines in the sand”. 3. The MEDIA IS BAD. They make people all over the world afraid of each other because it makes for good television and advertiser will pay for it. Sure bad things are happening but commentary, analysis and instigation are NOT NEWS.
After that we got a little deeper into our conversation. We started to discuss the Saudi people (not their government or the radicals) just the people. He was saying “I know we do things differently…” I gave him my standard reply “Saudi is a new country, barely 100 years old”. He says “that’s true. but we are also Tribal people”. HERE IS THE FUNNY PART – for me anyway. He then says “You are American, have you ever visited the Southwest USA? They have a lot of Native American tribes there that practice different traditions.”
HAHA, YES SIR! The Great American Southwest is my home and I completely understand. I was so excited to hear someone explain to me what I often try to explain to others. Different people have different customs and norms. But once you say hello almost all of them would love to discuss how we all relate to each other and generally want the same things. There is hope my friends. Don’t let the PROPAGANDA or the ANTI PROPAGANDA tell you otherwise.
By the way, if anyone wants to learn of some actual news that we aren’t likely to hear in the west just Google – Monkey Menace in India. There are currently 30,000 monkeys running around in the streets of New Delhi. They steal food, contaminate water, kill children and get DRUNK on stolen whiskey. For many of the world’s population…THIS IS NEWS.

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