Prayer Time

Muslims pray 5 times a day. 5 times a day I hear faint music at what I think is the beginning and end of prayer time. I have yet to see people pray openly in public but I have seen prayer areas in public places like the airport and mall. Most stores close for approximately 30 minutes for each prayer times. Although I have found that restaurants and food stores stay open (or at least don’t kick me out).

It is important to plan my day around prayer times so I won’t be waiting around in a hallway for a store or business to reopen. I personally think of it as “state sponsored meditation”. Although the music seems very dark to me I am completely unaware of it’s meaning so I refuse to judge another’s culture. Especially since 1.6 billion people (23.2%) on the planet call themselves Muslim. That is 2nd to Christianity which is 2.6 billion people (31.5%).

Prayer time is on my mind this morning for a very simple, ironic and comical reason. I thought I was smart by downloading the Athan Prayer app on my phone. I was looking to be notified of upcoming prayer times. As prayer time changes daily as they are dependent on the movement of the sun. Well not only does it work but it plays the music when it wakes me up at 4am. It’s funny how we learn things in life. 🙂